We coach and train leaders, across the globe, to tap into their innate resilience,
increase their personal impact, and positively transform their level of trust with their teams

Personal mastery is the foundation of all leadership that is truly resilient, inspiring, and transformational

As a leader, when you have high levels of personal mastery, you understand your own beautiful complexity, know how to revolutionise your mental game, and how to tap into your innate resilience.

This allows you to be your truest and best self (even in stressful situations), inspire confidence in others, and influence others to take the best action.

These are the types of leaders our world needs more of and we call them CORE Leaders.


The best leaders revolutionise their mental game by integrating 4 key attributes into their life and leadership

Deep clarity of purpose that guides you to live a life aligned with your most authentic and truest self

Enhanced relationships across every spectrum—peers, teams, family, and friends—fostering environments of trust, respect, and mutual growth.

Revitalised mental, physical and emotional health that equips you to manage stress, maintain vitality, cultivate resilience.

Aligned ambitions with your unique strengths and abilities, fostering a growth mindset that drives impact, contribution, and success.

Clear Values

Is your life aligned around Clear Values?
Leaders who are deeply and consciously aware of what is most important, to themselves and others, are able to lead with a greater sense of authenticity.

Optimistic Worldview

Do you live with an Optimistic Worldview?
As a leader, your outlook on life and the meaning that you give to the different events that you face, shape your everyday interactions with those around you.

An optimistic outlook, grounded in reality, motivates you to lead more courageously and influence those around you to dream more, achieve more, and become more than they ever imagined.

Rewarding Habits

Do you cultivate Rewarding Habits?
It's been said, “Your habits will determine your future.” Your emotional, social, physical, mental, and spiritual habits either break you or make you as a leader. They determine your future because they shape your character.

Truly effective and engaging leaders cultivate those habits that enable them to be at their best.

Empowering Beliefs

Do you nurture Empowering Beliefs?
What you believe about leadership, what you believe about yourself, what you believe about others, what you believe about life impacts your contribution, your legacy, your effectiveness, and your influence on others as a leader.

Truly transformational leaders overcome self-defeating behaviours by becoming more aware of their destructive beliefs and nurturing empowering ones. ​
Passion is what drives us

Revolutionise your mental game with our tip of the week and tap into more of your innate resilience, increase your personal impact, and positively transform your leadership effectiveness

How Do You Become a Core Leader?

We care deeply about what we do so that you can focus on being the best leader you can be

The Chinese Philosopher, Lao Tzu, said, “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

Being a CORE Leader requires consistent devotion to your ongoing growth and development towards personal mastery. In addition to our coaching, training, and keynote solutions, we’ve got a number of resources to help you get going on that journey. See below and start developing your personal mastery today.


CORE Leaders have done, and continue to do, the hard work of mastering themselves

CORE Leaders have incredible influence and impact. They have done and continue to do the hard work of understanding and mastering themselves. They see the potential in everyone around them. They inspire and equip others to dream more, think more, believe more, learn more, do more, and become more than they ever thought possible. They’re able to do that because they have learnt the secret of effective influence – it begins with oneself and not with others.

To find out how much of a CORE Leader you are, complete the self-assessment below.

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Discover the A - Z of Personal Leadership Success

Personal Leadership enables us to live vibrant, fulfilling, and productive lives; it enables us to achieve successful careers; it enables us to build businesses that have a positive impact in our world. Most importantly, it enables us to overcome the fears, doubts, limiting beliefs, and bad habits that get in the way of us living our best lives as leaders.

Discover the 26 principles that will help you transform your leadership effectiveness today.

Begin your adventure to revolutionise your mental game and positively transform your leadership legacy!

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